Climb up the highest mountain in Shenzhen for challenge

May is the season of labor, but also the planting, waiting for the harvest season. In this fun-filled and busy season, To take advantage of the International Labour’s Day Holiday, with the fine weather, all members of Foreign Trade Department of Jeasun Technology Co.,Ltd , decided to climb up the frist peak of Shenzhen -Wutongshan Mountain to conquer the nature and outreach themselves.

At 9:00 am on May 2nd , everyone get together at the foot of Wutongshan Mountain. The so-called "car to Piedmont Road , people must take photos at the foot of great mountain." ,all stuff of Jeasun certainly won’t miss the chance and take their group  photo.

He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man., so anyone who come to the Haohanpo Brae never get to the top of it is neither a true man. All of Jeasun’s stuff, whether boys or girls are surely the hero, so please wait a moment,, we will come to the top of you, Wutongshan Mountain!

All the way with exhaustion and sweat ,but in exchange for a small sense of accomplishment , satisfaction , and feeling of the cool mountain breeze and eyeful of new greens , at the glance of  " Shenzhen First Peak" on the stone,, a heroic feeling comes out spontaneously, we have been trampled upon the highest mountain in Shenzhen, is there any difficulty in our life we can’t overcome?

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