The Ambarella A12Ls75 based True 4K camera ready now.


The Ambarella A12Ls75 based True 4K camera ready now, it will make customers to enjoy the wonderful view experience on 4k monitor.

Here has a new interesting 4K camera which made by a china factory called "Jeasun",  compare with most fake( software interpolation)  4K cameras in the market, this one is truely 4K which was designed base on Ambarella ( A12s SOC, and use SONY IMX078 12MP CMOS sensor,  then it will support 4K@30fps, 1080P@120fps, 720p@240fps which is decided by the processor, as we know Gopro Hero5 was made base on Ambarella A9, so the Ambarella A12s should not worse.  This camera built in a 1.5" LCD TFT LCD on the front which very special, it would be more convenient for selfie shot after install with a selfie stick (It built in a 1/4" tripod screw hole at the bottom), but if you want do the normal recording, then can not see anything at the back.But as a wearable camera, it is not so important, screen is not the most important after we installed on the bike, helmet, or surfboad.  And with the screen, we are capable to do a lot of settings, such as Time lapse recording, Burst, Video resolution, EV, White balance, ISO, etc..., these are all changeable via those customized settings in the system.  It also built in Image stabilizer which is good for video recording in exterme sports, we will get more stable images then.
This cam also built in Wi-Fi connection which will support controlling by our cellphone, download the APP, and make time sync, change settings, control the video or image taking, and then share via Facebook, youtube, or with friends.

Another important point is the battery working time, according to our actual test for many times, this 4K cam support recording 100 minutes continuously in 4K@30fps resolution, and 120 minutes in 1080p@120fps,  all thanks to the power consumption improved Processor and Sensor, and the 1200mAh high capacity Li-ion battery, it is detachable and exchangeable.

If you think this new item get your interest, welcome to contact us for the distribution or OEM case.

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