Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd., the owner of well-known brand EAGLEEYE patent and copyright, based on the facts and the law, solemnly issued the following statement:

1. Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises engaged in digital sport camera industry, company products brand name EAGLEEYE, the trade mark enjoys a high reputation demostically and abroad. Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd.  focuses on product quality management and technology innovation, addition to Jeasun technology Co., Ltd. does not authorize other manufacturers propaganda, manufacturing, sales of each patent and copyright products.

2. The recent discovery of factories and individuals to unauthorized publicity, manufacturing, sales, infringement of our patent and copyright products, including some of the products of serious infringement, this behavior has seriously violated Article 11.2 of the Patent Law provides that: a design patent has been granted any unit or individual without the permission of the patentee, shall exploit the patent for production or business purposes shall not manufacture, sale, import the patented design product. And Article 57 of the Patent Law provides that: without the permission of the patentee, exploit the patent, that is, the infringement of a patent. Violation of Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd. legitimate rights and interests.

3. The recent discovery of the market infringing sales and other commercial means is not authorizated by Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd.. Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd. hope all dealers do self-examination, the company will also begin remediation against infringement and counterfeit and shoddy products. Upon to identify and collect relevant evidence of infringement, and the situation development, reserve the rights of their legal obligations.

Hereby Declare

                                                                                                  Jeasun Technology Co., Ltd.

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