Top Representative of Action Camera--Jeasun WIFI waterproof HD Smartcam


With the coming of the Wireless Internet Era,3G/4G ass from all the telecom operators are filled with people’s daily life on visual and aural, and WIFI has become the most common world in recent years. Thus “Is your product with WIFI feature”, “is your product compatible with IOS /Android System” are the most frequent questions to be asked when consumers are planning to buy electronic products, including the action camera industry.


To catch up with the market level and the changing requirements , Jeasun advance with the times to launch its own WIFI  model--Smartcam .

SmartCam. Adheres Jeasun’s design concept of “compact, stylish, simple &functional”, besides WIFI, color of the appearance is s sell point too. The black and orange is not only quite popular with most extreme sports loves , but also with the advantage of easy to be found and noticed into/onto the water or in the air.


What’s more , this camera is compatible with IOS /Android System, with 14MP HD 6G lens , Ambarella A5 solution, 50m waterproof housing and waterproof remote controller. This is a super good news for water sports fanciers!

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